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Handbag renaissance bag made of plexiglass



Handbag renaissance bag silver made of plexiglass
Reinaasence Bag_dettagli_08 RID.jpg
Handbag renaissance bag gold made of plexiglass
Handbag renaissance bag gold made of plexiglass
Giuly clutch bag


Renaissance bag Gold versione plexiglass e oro
uccellino dorato simbolo di Madame Bastienne

RENAISSANCE BAG is innately classy and stylish. Its elegant and refined shape interprets the dreams and the ambitions of the wearer.
It is a bag made of polymethylmethacrylate with an elegant design.

IT IS SEE-THROUGH so that everyone can see their own dreams and not forget what is deep inside their hearts and their

IT IS ESSENTIAL  and it goes straight to the essence of the matter, there is no need to add anything, as the bag itself chiefly reveals who we truly are.

IT IS TENACIOUS because everything in this world must be conquered day by day, step by step.

IT IS  AUTHENTIC  because in a world made up of masks, it reveals itself without having to hide.

GIULY BAG is a refined combination of colors, between black, red and cream, which brings the unique design of this collection to recall a retro vintage style but with a chic and contemporary mood, the brand's signature style .

His lines CLEAN and NET make it a stylish accessory for every moment of the day thanks to a large space and numerous pockets and compartments.

GIULY BAG is entirely assembled by hand. It is a creation that enhances its all-Italian craftsmanship.

Giuly clutch bag in pelle rossa nera e panna
Renaissance bag handbag versione plexiglass e oro con pochette interna marrone
Borsa argento_interno celeste (1) copia.jpg

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