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Renaissance Bag Gold handbag
  • Renaissance Bag Gold

    RENAISSANCE BAG limited edition - 7 pieces currently available

    Our company philosophy focuses on craftsmanship and moves on small batches, handmade and finished in every single part.

    Shipping times in Italy and Europe are approximately 24/48 h

    Shipping times for other countries are of about 48/96 h

    Dimensions: H 19.5 cm D 8 cm W 23

    RENAISSANCE BAG is proudly Made in Italy.

    Design, planning and construction represent three important steps, to be taken care of in every detail and followed with love and attention, step by step.

    If intuition was born from a unique and unrepeatable instant, from a creative flash full of energy, it is the next operational phase that requires competence, experience, rigor.

    RENAISSANCE BAG is produced in polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), a thermoplastic polymer, and is entirely assembled by hand, enhancing the all-Italian craftsmanship.

    The metal accessories that accompany it are in infinitely RECYCLABLE brass and aluminum, polished by hand and hand galvanized by frame, using a static process, in nickel silver and nichel gold

    • Pre-orders

      Out of stock products can be pre-ordered. Pre-orders allow us to guarantee delivery of the product within approximately 40 days. If you have any questions about pre-orders please email a

      For further details read leGeneral conditions

    • Features

      size: H 19.5 cm D 8 cm W 23 cm

      body: PMMA

      finish: gold nickel

      shoulder bag: included

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