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The main material that characterizes the project is the polymethylmethacrylate, also known as
PMMA. It is a thermoplastic polymer, highly transparent; the raw material in the form of slabs of
various thicknesses, colorless or colored with various intrinsic finishes (polished, matt, satinated,
mottled...), is processed by the removal from the solid piece, creating precise geometries.

About Our Leather
Renaissance bag silver versione plexiglass e argento con pochette blu in satin


All the metal accessories that accompany it are also made from solid bars or rounds, through a process
of milling and lathing; the materials used in this case are brass and aluminum, both infinitely
recyclable, all of them hand-polished and hand-galvanized by frame, through a static procedure. The
proposed final stains have precious finishes, such as Palladium and Gold, both noble metals.
Each product is hand-polished using felt wheels and abrasive pastries, in order to remove all the signs
and any imperfections, caused by the previous processing phase..


#Renaissance Bag  is the result of the synergy between two Italian companies, both very experienced
in the related fields in which they work, and so it is a full expression of the more authentic “Made in Italy” concept.

Assembled by hand, well-finished in every detail, Renaissance Bag represents an innovative research
and design project.

Renaissance bag silver versione plexiglass e argento con pochette rosa in satin
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