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My name is  Madame Bastienne  and I had a dream to fulfill. I used a past tense because today that day is here, between the pages of this website and soon in your hands. I made room for it, the space it needed to make his way through the expectations and the folds of life. I gave it enough time, so that it could grow stronger and without any hesitation. I finally realized my dream because I decided to choose myself. I learned to listen to myself and to live fully, aware of the fact that the meaning of our existence is to achieve the highest expression of ourselves in this world. I have come a long way, before finding the confidence to introduce myself, to mature a new awareness
that has allowed me to be truly the woman I am today.

 I am a Bag Designer.

Madame Bastienne designer
Renaissance bag silver versione plexiglass e argento

When I was a child, my father always told me to draw, if I was bored. So, I used to take a piece ofpaper and do some sketches, at large, almost without thinking. I let the pencil run on the page to seethe lines curving sinuously, defining a calf with a thin ankle – for example – and a foot ready to weara 12-heel pump. Those were the details that took life under my eyes, without me noticing, and that fed my imagination and my inner self. The boredom is not just a moment to fulfill. It is a detached look at the world. It is a break we must enjoy, so that it can help us better understand our inner being.
When I drew, clothes were my biggest passion, accessories were my reason for living. At the age of 12, I realized my first creation. It was my mother’s wonderful ostrich bag that I customized doing three holes in three different points, in each of which I have inserted three fake roses – always the
roses that recurred yesterday as then – with intense shades. I was happy and full of energy.

Someone smiled at my creativity, creativity, considering it a bit frivolous, almost childish to be honest, a game to accommodate because I was little more than a child.

I, on the other hand, felt an astonishing strength that wanted to come out and to be welcomed. Roses were the main characters of my first creation. And today I strongly wanted them to be in my logo.
Then, one day, during a worldwide lockdown, when everything has stopped, almost by chance, I started drawing again, and new sketches have come to life on the sheets, at that moment I felt like a river in flood.

A new strength and a renovated energy gave me the motivation and I gave birth to Madame Bastienne.

#RenaissanceBag was born. My rebirth. From that moment I’ve become more ofa believer. Believing in myself, I for one learned how important it is to listen to ourselves, to follow what’s on the inside, our most authentic and truest part.

Learn to listen to your hearts and to choose yourselves first! Never put yourselves aside!




Renaissance bag silver versione plexiglass e argento
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