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Giuly Bag Clutch
  • Giuly Bag


    GIULY BAG exclusive limited edition collection of a few pieces currently available.

    Our corporate philosophy focuses on craftsmanship and works on small batches, handmade and finished in every single part.

    Once the product is out of stock, it can be pre-ordered. Giuly bag will be ready in about 20 days after order confirmation.


    Shipping times in Italy and Europe are approximately 24/48 hours

    Shipping times for other countries are around 48/96 hours


    Dimensions: H 20cm D 9cm W 31/33cm


    JULY BAGis proudly "Made in Italy".

    It is the new clutch made entirely by hand by the artisans who collaborate with the Italian designer and for our brand.

    Sufficiently spacious, it can contain everything you need even if it is a clutch bag.


    A refined combination of colors, between black, red and cream, which brings the unique design of this collection to recall a retro vintage style but with a chic and contemporary mood, the brand's stylistic hallmark.


    JULY BAG it is entirely assembled by hand. It is a creation that enhances its all-Italian craftsmanship.

    The metal accessories that accompany it are made of gold-plated bronze.

    The interior is lined with a precious vintage-style green fabric, a soft and enveloping shade, while the exterior is characterized by brushed calf leather.

    • Pre-orders

      Out of stock products can be pre-ordered. Pre-orders allow us to produce new pieces in 20 working days and guarantee delivery of the product in a very short time. If you have any questions about pre-orders please email a

      For more details read leGeneral conditions

    • Characteristics

      dimensions in cm H 20   D 9  W 31/33 
      external finish

      Italian brushed calfskin

      internal finish tissue
      shoulder bag included in metal and leather

      - All metal accessories are made of gold plated bronze -

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